Provisional/Internship Registration Panel

This category carries two groups of applicants which are; applicants with local certificates and applicants with foreign certificates. Applicants with local certificates are those students who completed their studies within Tanzania colleges and those with foreign certificates completed their studies outside Tanzania. Therefore, if you trained within Tanzania college click on applicants with local certificates and if you trained outside Tanzania click on Applicants with foreign Certificates.



Other Registration panel

This panel is for those doctors who are not applying for provisional registration and have no account to this system. If you have already registered to this system you have to log in.

Fill all the fields of the form. Fields which are required to be paid attention are Current registration status, Employment status and Education level

Current Registration Status:
This field is found after email address. There are two options under this field which are Registered and not registered. If you are applying for licence to practice(AMO/ADO) or Temporary registration for non citizen you have to select 'Not Registered' and if you are applying for other registration apart of those mentioned above you have to select 'Registered' option.

Employment Status:
Two options are given at this field which are 'Employed' and 'Not employed'. If you are employed select 'Employed' then other fields will open like your employer name , duty post , substantive position, employment status and date of start. If you have not employed select 'Not employed'.

Education Level:
At this field you have to select your lower level of education first. And other education level will be added when you log in to the system. For example if you have both bachelor of MD and Master of Internal Medicine, first you have to fill information for bachelor education level and for masters education level must be added when you log in to the system.

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